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In my profession I focus on character (cartoony) and creature (realistic) animation.
Recently, I have also devoted myself intensively to the hand drawing animation.
Animation improves my sense of detail and my ability to concentrate.
I prefer teamwork and I am keen on learning new skills.


TELESCOPE ANIMATION / PFX / Layout and animation supervisor (06/2023—)

  • The Last Whale Singer

PFX / Layout / Character Animator (06/2023—)

  • The proud Princess

SHINING ISLE / Character Animator (01/2022—11/2022)

  • The Wingfeather Saga Animated Series
    3D Character Animator 

PFX Postproduction

PFX / Creature Animator (10—12/2021)

SLEEPTEAM / Lead Animator (07/2021—)

Alkay animation

ALKAY / Character Animator (09/2020—09/2021)

EALLIN / Character Animator, Storaboardist (02/2011— 09/2020)

  • Short films Macek Muri (2016—2019, 4 episodes x 11 min.)
    3D Character animator
  • TV Series of Bedtime tales The Smallest Elephant in the World (2011-2020, 25 episodes × 7 min.),
    3D Character animator
  • 2D animated TV show Fartron (2018, 3 minutes, first episode),
    2D character rigging, Lead animator
  • Animation supervisor and animator on projects for clients:
    The Coca-Cola Company, Fanta, American Express, Subaru US, Amnesty International US, Hyundai, Samsonite, Komerční Banka, PETA, Unicef, Jeep, CIF, Biozet, O2, ING, Migros, Kinder Chocolate, Česká pojišťovna, PRE, Kofola, Staropramen,,, ETA, Draw. etc,, Albert, mBank, Komerční Banka, Sazka, Opavia, …

TRICKS / Character Animator (09/2010—02/2011)

  • Feature film Autopohádky
    full-length animated film, work on 3D part Vincent. Director: Libor Pixa …
  • Ferature film Fimfarum: The Third Time Lucky 3D
    full-length puppet animated film, work on additional 3D animations for part Reason and Happiness, Director: David Sůkup

ILLUSION SOFTWORKS | 2K CZECH / Technical animator (09/2005—09/2010)

ANAKREON / CINEMAX / Character animator (2002—2004)

  • Bugs Escape 3D
    Character animator on 3D puzzle game.


Anomalia animation courses (2016—2021)

University Of Creative Communication (VSKK) (2017—2021)

  • Lecturer at department of Animation and Visual effects.

Online animation lessons for beginners and intermediates (2020—2021)

  • Over 50 online lessons (teaching, feedback) for students and professionals during the Covid lockdown, 9 participants

Proffessional cooperation

  • Co-founder of the Association of Independent Game Developers České hry o.s. and  Game Developers Session (2003—2008).
  • Editor at CG Pixel magazine (2009—2010)
  • Universal music (2006—2007)
    Music clip for MIG21 — Bývá mi úzko
    Anna K — Večernice Tour — motion graphic, TV spot
  • Nadace Partnerství (2006—2008)
    Idea of Tree of the Year 2006, 2D animated spot, multimedia adoption
  • Travel agency Livingstone (2008)
    Animated spot for festival of travel films Go Kamera
  • Anakreon game studio (2003-2004)
    Logical game Berušky 2 (lowpoly modeling, animation)
  • Ignitron (1996-2001)
    Logical game Dáma, Dáma 2

Professional training

  • 2019 Anomalia — Gefwee Boedoe (Disney, Pixar), Character Design
  • 2019 FMX — Masterclass with Ed Hooks, Acting for animators I & II
  • 2017 Anomalia — Details and polishing with Eliza Ivanova (Pixar)
  • 2016 Anomalia  — Short film I. with Anthony Wong (Pixar)
  • 2014 Anomalia  — Hi-End Details and Polish with Jason Schleifer (Dreamworks)
  • 2013 Anomalia —  Animation dialog with Rich Quade (Pixar)
  • 2012 Acting lessons with Hana Frankova (DAMU)
  • 2012 Anomalia  — Kenny Roy (Animation Mentor) — Short film with Booty Call with pirate Babinsky
  • 2011 Anomalia  — Tips and Tricks with Keith Lango (Valve)


My Lectures / Workshops as a Lecturer


I am also fond of multimedia entertainment projects, and since 1999, I have been creating computer games semi-professionally. I am a co-founder of the Association of Independent Game Developers České hry o.s. and  Game Developers Session (2003—2008). Between 2008 — 2011 I was the editor of a printed magazine Pixel and a member of the editorial board. I was writing between years 2003—2010 a Czech animation blog