4 Miniseries Muri the Cat (4x 10 min. 2013, 2017, 2018, 2020)
Directed by: Jernej Žmitek | Produced by: Invida | Eallin.com

Muri the Cat is one of those popular characters from the Slovenian children’s literature that everybody has heard of.

„In the second episode, Mury takes a stroll to the main square, where he has a date with Catsy. On the way there, he’s the victim of a little prank by the rascal Cheeky, who “hides his face behind a cloak, in his paws the crackers smoke.” Lucky for Mury, his stroll ends on a happy note, as they finally head to lunch with Cats.“
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Cutedit of my works from second episode 2017. For more animations see my actual TV Animation showreel.